ERASMUS + 2015

Our students this year are visiting...





  Just Guess It!!


1. Is Maider really working?
a) YES 
b) NO 

2. Which country is Maider visiting?
a) Denmark
c) Italy

3. What training cycle is she completing there?







Maitane, is working and visiting Bergen in Norway, she says she loves it and might stay for longer than just her "on the job training", isn't that great?, jolly good!! for you for the city of Bergen and for the restaurant Fjord Fusion



David is getting to know more and more about Poland


 Sandra, one of our students at Catering Services Management, is doing her "on the job training" in Wroclaw. She says she loves it there, doesn't she look professional?

Unai, from Kitchen Management and David from Cookery and Gastronomy are really enjoying their stay in Wroclaw, too.

Janire and other coleagues in Florence are also working hard in all senses to improve their skills as bakers and as Europeans.




ERASMUS + 2014

 Our students this year are visiting...

LGC from Catering Management in Praha in the Czech Republic

"Having a walk through the gardens of Troja Castle (old chateau from the 16th century)"
 "Making a capuccino at Hotel Barceló Old Town Praha"

Adrian from KM is working at the Hotel Monopol Wroclaw Restaurant in Poland

He is showing us here how he streches the "masza" and the" "guzzini" turns the masza on the hot table
and then puts eveything into the oven to have it baked

Natalia Sosa is doing her Catering Management interneeship in Padova - Italy
"Cappuccino and croissant 
at the fruit square in the morning"

Breakfast buffet Mise-en-place

Carlota Fernandez is in Malta, she is also a Kitchen Management student 

" Enjoying a sunny day at Blue Lagoon Beach"
"Working at The Villa restaurant for an event"

Asier Gomez, from Kitchen Management, is doing his infield-training in Italy

In Italy, mostly you eat pasta and pizza, but there are also have a wide variety of dishes. It is a fresh cuisine with a large variety of flavours in the kitchen"
"FLORENCE is the principal city of the Tuscany region. It is a very touristy and great historical city"

Irantzu Pérez, from Kitchen Management, "as happy as a lark" in Germany
"A windy day at Brandenburger Tor"

Thank you and enjoy your experience!!




Voyage à Bayonne 17-19 Novembre 2013

Nous avons visité Bayonne avec les étudiants de 2ème année de Direction des Services en Restauration. 

D'abord nous sommes allés à la Chambre de Metiers et nous avons eu l'occasion de connaître ses installations.

À la Chambre de Métiers
À la Chambre de Métiers

Après dejeuner dans la Chambre de Metiers, nous nous sommes rendus au
CFA - Centre de Formations d'Apprentis del'Agglomération Côte Basque - Adour 
On doit remercier l'accueil chalereux que nous avons reçu de la part des professeurs et des élèves de ce Centre.

CFA - Centre de Formations d'Apprentis del'Agglomération Côte Basque - Adour

Mardi matin nous avons eu la chance de visiter l'Hôtel Miramar de Biarritz, il s'agit d'un des hotels le plus luxueux et impressionant de la Côte Basque


Pour finir notre voyage ... UN CHÂTEAU!!! Le personnel du Château de Brindos nous a montré les secrets de ce joli endroit.
Château de Brindos

Avant arriver à Bilbao, nous nous sommes arretés à l'Hotel Jaizkibel à Hondarribia. La visite à ce magnifique hôtel nous a permis de finir en beauté notre voyage.

et c'est fini ... 

à la prochaine ...

Teacher Mobility

Itziar, our colleague from the Professional Training & Guidance Department, has sent us a message to share the report & blog of her mobility to Denmark to the Syddansk Erhvervsskole or SDE College

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